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We are a vibrant and always expanding company and we pride ourselves on making the fun and fantabulous fashion essentials available to all our customers in India. ayesha is more than a fashion jewellery retailer, it's a brand that takes the leading edge in fashion, brings you fun and innovation. ayesha is your one-stop-candy shop for fantabulous fashion essentials. You are the ayesha girl who is trendy, restless and constantly changing. You like pink and purple today, black and white tomorrow, but definitely not-What your mamma wears! What your mamma wears! We move with your speed. ayesha is about YOU: your world, your dreams and your love!

What we sell: ayesha is a brand of fun fantabulous fashion accessories that covers a whole range of products for the young woman from bags, hats, jewellery, hair accessories, sunglasses and much more.

Store Location
FF R-6 b
Contact number
080-2208 6532