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TAO Restaurant is located in the heart of BANGLORE at 1M.G.mall., M.G. road. True to its name, the food in Tao leads you on a path to gastronomical satiation. Well planned seating areas help you relax and enjoy the flavors of our food to achieve overall harmony in the tradition of Ying and Yang. At Tao you will find a magnificent blend of elegant surroundings, exquisite cuisine, pleasing decor and satisfying service...indulging all your senses. The Restaurant is open so you can enjoy our services even if you are considering a late lunch or an early dinner. We welcome you to our latest addition where we serve the best of (Pan Asian) like, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Burma, and Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Thai cuisines.

The Tao Terraces:-
It is designed and decorated with nature, Open air a bar and lounge that breathes life into the nightlife of the city. On stepping in, you’ll know why they call it “Tao”, which, literally when translated, means the energy behind all the processes of the world. This sophisticated venue features two floors of restaurant space, a lavish lounge, and exclusive cocktail bars all under one roof. It is designed with the sole motive of providing sheer luxury and comfort to its guests – which I experienced first-hand. The menu exhibits an extensive range of Asian international cuisines. And though, they have branded the Oriental cuisine as their specialty, you’ll be hard pressed to pinpoint a dish that didn’t make your mouth water.

Recipe Method
1.Rinse the rice thoroughly and soak it for about 20 minutes 2.Drain the water and place it in a rice cooker with an equal amount of water and cook for 15 minutes. Once cooked, let it cool at room temperature.
3.Place a pan over medium heat, add vinegar, salt and sugar and bring it to a boil. Then add the above mixture to the rice mix well and keep aside.
4.Take a bamboo mat, lay the nori sheet on it, put the rice and all the other ingredients on top of it, except pickled ginger, grain and kikkomann soya and start rolling it cylindrically. Repeat with other nori sheets.
5.Take a knife and dip it in hot water. Then slice each nori sheet into disks about 2cm thick.
6.Server it with gari, kikkoman soya and pickled ginger.

Store Location
5th & 6th Floor - Restaurant5
Contact number
080-2208 6560
Oriental & Pan Asian Cuisine
For Reservation call
+91 9986911444 / 9986988444